Software Products

  • Lab Wizard

    Example of Lab Wizard main screen.

    Lab Wizard is the core of the software packages. Lab Wizard is intended to be installed on one computer near where analysis is completed. This allows technicians to be alerted via visual cues that either an analysis or make-up will need to be completed soon.

  • Remote Console

    Example of the Remote Console main user screen.

    The remote console gives other user the ability to view data from Lab Wizard from a separate computer. The remote console has access to all the same history and report screens as in the main Lab Wizard installation without interupting technicians that may be entering new data. Contact for more information about adding access to the Remote Console.

  • Dashboards

    The Dashboards are accessed through the Remote Console and provide a quick overview of the Lab Wizard data. Multiple Dashboards can be set up in key locations and tailored to show the most relevant data for that area. Contact for more information about adding access to the Dashboards.

    Example of an SPC Dashboard.
    The Dashboards can be used to display the SPC data of components. The Remote Console could be installed on a stick computer to display the SPC data for a given line so that the operator always knows how their line is performing.
    Example of a Live Status Dashboard.
    The Dashboards can also be used to display the current status of events within Lab Wizard. These can be set to display by process or by station.