Lab Wizard Cloud

Take your process monitoring to the next level with our state-of-the-art Lab Wizard Cloud platform. Tailored for precision, efficiency, and compliance, it is the future of inline process monitoring.

In today’s highly competitive and environmentally-conscious market, precision and efficiency in plating processes are crucial. Our cloud-based platform revolutionizes the way businesses approach plating tank monitoring. By seamlessly harnessing the power of historical current data, our system not only provides a real-time snapshot of your plating tanks but also empowers you to predict future outcomes with remarkable accuracy. Dive deep into analytics, identify patterns, and leverage insights to minimize scrap rates and optimize process throughput. Don’t just plate—plate smartly with a cloud-backed, data-driven advantage.

ITAR Compliant, Fully Managed, Cloud Based Solution

Our platform is ITAR compliant, and fully managed, ensuring your data’s security and regulatory compliance without any additional infrastructure requirements.

Powerful Tools for Monitoring

With an unmatched capability to monitor electrical current from electroplating tanks – from DC ramping to high-speed current pulsed waveforms – our platform offers the most comprehensive solution in the market.

Process Monitoring

Dashboards & Historical Data Viewer

Easily visualize real-time tank activity and access historical data with a user-friendly interface and a customizable date range selector.


Superior Alerting Capabilities

Define and customize alerts to receive timely email or text messages. Prevent mishaps, reduce rework, and scrap by acting upon alerts instead of reacting to problems after the fact.

Integrated Solutions

Lab Wizard Cloud is designed to be directly integrated into your existing manufacturing equipment enhancing visibility and process capabilities.

Customized Reporting & SPC Utilities on Demand

Automatically generate reports based on your specific environment. SPC utilities built to order based on your specific manufacturing environment, ensuring your data and processes are always aligned.

High-Speed Pulse Capturing

Capable of capturing <1ms forward and reverse high current pulses directly from your rectifiers to your electroplating tanks, this feature is perfect for engineering and process optimization.

Pulse Waveforms

Predictive Maintenance

Move beyond preventative maintenance. Our alerting capabilities empower you to predict and rectify issues before they escalate.

Reduced Rework & Scrap

Timely notifications enable swift action, drastically reducing rework and waste.

Process Improvement

Leverage the high-speed pulse capturing feature for comprehensive engineering and process enhancements.

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