About Lab Wizard™

Lab Wizardtm  is the the industry leading chemical production analysis software package featuring

  • Reduce scrap / improve quality & yields within days of implementation
  • Precise triggering of analysis events based on  process runtime or board feet through Process
  • Precision chemical plating bath analysis & make-up scheduling
  • Fully integrated SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • SQL database compatible
  • Powerful Reporting Tools  Trending/CpK/Control Charts
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling and reporting
  • Pareto charts showing all out of spec conditions

Video Demonstration of Lab Wizard™

Lab Wizard Main Screen Analysis Scheduler Manager, Based on database setup of your chemical Process, stations, and components
Analysis Scheduler

Lab Wizard Statistical Process Control (SPC ) Report chemical plating line analysis
SPC Report

Chemical Tank Component Concentration History Lab Wizard Report
Component Concentration History Report

Lab Wizard Plating Line Chemical Production Station Reporting Tool
Station Reporting Tool

Plating line chemical analysis out of control pareto analysis report
LabWizard Root Cause “Out of Spec” Pareto Report

Equipment Preventative Maintenance History Reporting by Task
Preventative Maintenance History Reporting by Task